TOLEDO, Ohio — The Toledo Fire and Rescue Department announced Monday that they received $26,000 in a public education grant to purchase a new fire simulator. This funding comes from the Old Newsboys Association.

The simulator is something Toledo Fire's public educator said he's been trying to get for years. He's applied for funding three times and rejected all three times.

Now that they have the equipment, it will be used by the department to provide training in the community for almost any and every scenario.

"This way, I'm able to go into facilities all year round and set up all sorts of different scenarios. We can go into factories and set up a Class B fire for boiling liquids, we can have a fire that is involved with a lot of current or something, and again, we can use these for high rise living facilities in town. We have a lot of high rise living facilities in town now," said Toledo Fire and Rescue Department's Public Educator, Dennis Kookoothe.

A spokesperson for the Old Newsboys Association said their organization works to provide aid and assistance for the community so raising this money and presenting it to the Fire Department was a no-brainer.