TOLEDO, Ohio — Dayton's last weekend tragedy is prompting many first responders in northwest Ohio to make sure they are prepared in the case of an active shooter situation. 

That was the focus for Toledo Fire Department recruits Monday. 

Toledo first responders said active shooter training becomes more important, and more specific, every time there is a mass shooting. 

Since the most mass shooting happened so close to home, Monday's training was intense.

Toledo Fire recruits worked alongside Toledo Police officers in a simulated active shooter training. 

"It's a little scary to be honest, but you know coming into the job you have to be prepared for and just be ready for that because it could happen at any time," Toledo Fire recruit Jacob Cappelletty said. 

These joint training sessions between TFD and TPD now happen once a month, with each department conducting separate sessions on their own. The details of these simulations change every time a mass shooting happens.

"It changes with nuiances, things we have learned from best practices from other unfortunate departments who have had a situation like this," Toledo Fire Department Cpt. Greg Fillman said. 

But their goal hasn't changed: police and fire officers aim to save as many lives as possible. 

"And as we have seen over the past week, in Dayton and El Paso, it's not a matter of if its a matter of when," Fillman said. 

Monday's training was planned prior to the Dayton mass shooting, but officials say that the tragedy made it even more important. 


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