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Toledo crews wrap up residential road construction for the season

The mayor is calling this a record-breaking season, saying the city resurfaced more roads than it ever has before.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz waved the checkered flag to mark the end of the road construction season.

He's calling this year record-breaking, saying crews completed the most road work ever done in the city.

"We set ourselves a high bar and we exceeded it. We overperformed," Kapszukiewicz said.

Starting in the Beverly neighborhood back and April and ending on Chase Street in October, the mayor said the city resurfaced 145 roads this year including 34 unimproved roads, compared to seven total last year.

"We exceeded our expectations we thought we would do about 40, 41 miles of residential roads. turned out to be 44 miles," Kapszukiewicz said.

He adds, the problem was that they never had the resources and this was only able to happen now because citizens stepped up and passed the $19 million Toledo Roads levy.

Kapszukiewicz said, "Last year, they took a risk and going out and passing that levy and now it's important to say to them 'you know what, we told you this money was only going to be spent on fixing roads, we told you we were going to fix more roads than ever before and we did it.'"

Deputy Director of the Department of Public Utilities Doug Stephens said on top of passing this levy, it took a lot of prep to be able to accomplish this size of a project.

"Our contractors we hired, our engineers, our own forces that did portions of work. Everybody really ramped up and did a great job to make this happen," Stephens said.

Road crews plan to pick back up on construction in April. 

The mayor said the city will release the list of roads it plans to work on next year around the end of November or early December.

Credit: Emily Cohen