TOLEDO (WTOL) - It’s been more than a week since Hurricane Michael made landfall and on Thursday, a group of Toledo teenagers partnered with Impact With Hope to package meals for those who lost everything.

About a dozen students with Toledo Christian Schools donned hairnets and aprons to package 5,000 meals during a school day of service.

"It's amazing the way we live now that we can be in Ohio and help somebody across the nation," student Kennen McIntyre said.

The students stand in an assembly line, packaging meals of rice and beans with soy protein. It’s an easy meal meant to be easily prepared in disaster areas.

"Each bag makes six meals, it's easy to cook, all you need to do is add boiling water," Karen Smith with Impact With Hope said.

The food will go along with a 53-foot-long trailer filled with supplies. Many supplies are packaged in five-gallon buckets to minimize cardboard waste.

“The people pack a five-gallon bucket with either cleaning supplies or personal hygiene items, baby care type things,” Smith said.

The buckets make it easier to hand out goods in non-traditional ways, like with an air boat, and can be re-used.

That leaves one less thing people need to worry about cleaning up as they put their homes and lives back together following the storm.