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'We just want to make sure he's OK': Sylvania mom pleading to hear from her missing son

Dominik Monroe's mother says he went missing in November and vanished from social media a short time later.
Credit: Family of Dominik Monroe

SYLVANIA, Ohio — Dominik Monroe's mother Amber says it's been more than one month since anyone last talked with her 19-year-old son.

No one had seen Dominik locally since Nov. 21, but his mom says her son had been active on social media. Late last year, that communication stopped. Amber says her son hasn't logged into social media since Dec. 6, 2021, but a health care professional in Lexington, Kentucky saw him days after that. 

"I honestly don't know why he was down there or is down there. I do still believe he's down there."

She traveled to Kentucky to post fliers with Dominik's picture on them and asked people if they'd seen him. She said his braces stood out to one person with whom she spoke, but she wasn't able to find him.

"There was somebody who looked at the flier and said he remember a kid that looked like him, in particular, it was the braces."

Amber said there was a bus ticket purchased for her son. She was able to determine it was never used.

She also said this isn't the first time he's left. This time, she said, is different because he's not using his phone and hasn't been in contact with his friends.

"Whenever he's left, he's always, always been in contact with his friends. Always. And none of his friends have heard from him."

Amber said her son is kind, caring and talented.

Credit: WTOL

"Dominik is a gentle, warm soul. He is incredibly sweet, loving. He wants to give everybody a big hug that he sees. He is incredibly talented. He can turn a blank canvass into something magnificent, including faces. He did and does amazing makeup. He was an aspiring makeup artist."

And she just wants to know he's OK and not in any trouble.

"We want to make sure he's safe. We want to make sure he's OK. If there is anything we can do that's he not OK, we want to do that," Amber said. "He is loved, he is missed and we are all very worried. If, for whatever reason, he's happy wherever he is, that's OK. We just want to make sure he's OK."

Anyone with information should call Sylvania police at 419-885-8902.