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'Steps 4 Success' engaging Toledo youth while preparing them for upcoming school year

A local non-profit is using the summer to do more, building a successful future young people

TOLEDO, Ohio — Summer camps are usually a way to keep kids active and engaged while off school.

But one local non-profit is using the summer to do more by building a successful future for young people.

For the last 11 years, the non-profit Pathway 4 Successful Leadership has held multiple K - 9 Summer Youth Camps in Toledo.

Called "Steps 4 Success," the 6-week-long program offers transportation, three free meals, fun activities and a focus on academics.

"Because of the pandemic, we knew how far behind they were. Which is why we gave them a test when they first came in. The first week they do a test, we analyze the test and see where the low points are, and we gear toward that to get them to where they need to be," said CEO Tyra Smith.

On Tuesday, the kids learned how to care for animals from a veterinarian and were offered an on-site petting zoo.

All different ways to engage these young minds, while also getting them ready for the next school year. 

"This year has intensified on the academic piece, so we added another 30 minutes in there. And they're loving it, they're loving learning things they didn't know, learning new things and learning how to sharpen the things that they thought they knew," said Smith.

Pathways 4 Successful Leadership also offers ongoing services including an alternative to school suspension program and young adult programs for career building, drug treatment, and mental health counseling.


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