TOLEDO, Ohio — As the investigation into the helicopter crash that killed nine people in Californina on Sunday continues, Kobe Bryant continues to inspire a high school basketball team here in our backyard.

The St. John's basketball team is getting a lesson both on and off the court thanks to a coach with one special scouting report.

"If I had to put it in one word, it would be relentless," head coach Mike Schoen said.

Schoen said he admired the way Kobe Bryant played the game. That's why when news of his death broke Sunday, Schoen knew he had something to share with his team.

"As I was going home, I was like, 'Man I remember having this information about him,' and I kept it specifically because it embodied everything he was known for and it was a tangible, one-day, real thing," he said. "Ironically the first thing I pulled out was what I was looking for and it was that sheet."

It's an 11-page note sheet from a 2008 Team USA summer workout in Colorado. Schoen got it from a former coach he worked with at the University of Dayton and he's kept it ever since.

Kobe practice notes

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"The whole first page is just littered with why he was different," Schoen said. "Not just from other great players, but from the second to the 12th-best player."

Whether it was getting that shot down perfectly or simply mastering your dribbling, Kobe Bryant could teach a master class in just about anything basketball-related. 

But then again, so could a lot of professional basketball players. So what really made Kobe different? 

According to Schoen, it's what Kobe is teaching the St. John's players posthumously and outside the gymnasium.

"If you want to be great at what you do, you've got to be able to put in the time and effort," he said. "And that may not be basketball but at some point or another, you need to find something you love and you need to put everything into. I think if there's a legacy that (Kobe) can leave, I think it can be that."