HOLLAND, OH (WTOL) - Students at Springfield High, spent Friday honoring local veterans, ahead of Monday’s Veterans Day.

Students spoke about their own connections to Veterans Day. Some of them have family members in the service and others talked about how they wanted to serve in the military after graduation.

Students from both the high school and middle school participated in the event. Local Veterans were also there. The Springfield high school band played the different military songs as corresponding branch members stood to be recognized.

But the most exciting part was when the drill team performed.

The team is made up of all high school students and performed for eight minutes, and attendees were impressed. Service members of all ages say they come back for this ceremony every year.

“Yes, and the children, these kids are fantastic! I love them all,” said one Veteran.

Springfield senior Nicholas Clark is a member of JROTC and feels educating students about Veterans is important.

“It's important to show them so that they don't grow up with that blank mindset of not knowing what happens to Veterans once they come back home” said Clark.

Springfield Schools are also having a blanket drive for homeless Veterans. You can drop off new blankets in the bins at the high school through Monday, November 12th.