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Tuesday's special election creates confusion for both parties as Ohio early voting continues over weekend

Issues with legislative maps have resulted in a second primary election Tuesday. Chairmen from both parties say this confuses voters and candidates.

TOLEDO, Ohio — There is another primary election this Tuesday but if that is news to you, then you may not be alone.

Michael Ashford, Chairman of the Lucas County Democratic Party said there is confusion around voting in a second primary for both parties' candidates running for state office.

"A lot of their new voters or their new constituents don't know that they could vote for them," said Ashford.

The second primary has become necessary as a result of the ongoing issues with district maps that have repeatedly been struck down by the state's supreme court. In May, a federal court ruled that Ohio must use a map that had already been ruled unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court and that the state's primaries must be pushed back to August. 

Because of issues with the maps certain races did not make it onto the May 3 primary ballot.

These included State Senate, House and the State Central Committee races that are now on the ballot for this special primary.

The unusual second primary has the parties worried voters won't show up at the polls.

Chris Joseph, Chairmen of the Lucas County Republican Party said if nobody votes then it will cause only a select few who will decide the Ohio state legislature.

"If we have a low primary like this, what happens is not very representative of a lot of people's beliefs," said Johnson. 

Johnson said the confusion is not limited to voters, but their candidates as well.

"Candidates didn't know where to do their job, they didn't know who they were appealing, they didn't know who their district was, they didn't know who to send fliers to. It was a mess," said Johnson.

While it is the second primary, it is the first time early voting has taken place at the Shared Services Building in west Toledo. Lavera Scott who is Director for the Lucas County Board of Elections, said this has been years in the making.

"The Lucas County Board of Elections has been slated to move now for about close to 12 years," said Scott. "We finally are put in a spot where we can have all of our operations on one campus."

Even though voter turnouts have been significantly down from recent elections, that doesn't mean both parties do not share the importance of voting.

"This is that opportunity. You want to make sure you cast your vote for people who's going to represent you in Columbus," said Ashford. "So that's why that that it's very important that you get out and you vote."

For information regarding the voting schedule for Ohio, you can find here.

For information regarding the voting schedule for Michigan, you can find here.

You can also text the word VOTE right now to 419-248-1100 for the latest on Tuesday's races.


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