LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - November elections are less than a month away and a lot of school levies are on the ballot across the northwest Ohio area. Schools like Washington Local, Sylvania, Findlay and Springfield schools just to name a few.

Across these four districts, money would be spent on securing entrances to buildings as well as security cameras, I.D. scanners and more secure classroom doors. Money would also go towards additional staffing including police officers and counselors.

Springfield Local Schools Superintendent Matt Geha said it’s a mix of looking for warning signs from students and family members and making sure that if someone dangerous enters the building, students are as protected as possible.

“We have parents that support this current safety and security taxation and we have some that don’t. But those that don’t, I challenge them to look at their own office, to look where they go every day and what can be improved," Geha explained.

In the Springfield Local School District, the additional security measures are expected to cost someone with a $100,000 home an additional $31.50 a year.