TOLEDO, Ohio — For some businesses, snow is necessary for a healthy bottom line. So far this season, it's been absent. 

Ed Schmakel is ready for the winter weather. He bought two snow blowers ahead of the storm. His business, Schmakel's Landscaping, has been craving this forecast. 

"It's been a slow year. The guys are chomping at the bit to get out, like a lot of companies are. Need to make some money," said Schmakel.

Schmakel said  his business has only salted twice this year, compared to 18 by this time last year. He's ready for a long weekend of work. 

"We'll leave about 2 a.m. Start salting and probably out until Sunday afternoon, evening."

Schmakel wasn't the only one to stop by Janney's Service Center, Friday to prepare for the snow. Others came in to get replacement parts and other necessities. 

"The threat of snow has got some people, brought a few units in to be repaired. We sold some rock salt and ice melt and some fuels and sold a couple snow throwers," said Tim Janney, owner of Janney's Service Center.

Janney said he welcomes the business as it's been slow simply because there's been no snow. 

Janney said folks probably should have tested out their snow blowers months ago, but he's counting on those who wait until it snows only to realize they have a problem. 

"We'll be here 9 to 3 tomorrow. We'll have mechanics on hand. So we'll be able to take care of them," said Janney.

Janney said right now, turn around time is pretty fast but depending on how much snow we get, mechanics could get a little backed up. He's crossing his fingers. 

"Everybody else's misery is our pleasure. We could use the business, certainly."

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