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Six northwest Ohio students awarded scholarships at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Breakfast

A handful of local students were awarded grants at the MLK Scholarship Breakfast on Saturday. All of which have a mission to uphold after using the money.

MAUMEE, Ohio — With the combination of extracurricular activities, good grades and community service, six northwest Ohio students were awarded grants on Saturday morning at the annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Breakfast hosted by Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. 

"They need to have some type of community service," said  Dr. Calvin Burney, chair of the breakfast. "They need to make sure they're involved in a number of other activities that create a portfolio of some sort that allows us to judge the best candidate."

With amounts ranging from $1,000 to $3,000, all of the money will go toward the students' college tuition. 

"I'm the youngest of four, so my parents are working to put my three older siblings through college," said Nicholas Pineda, who received one of the scholarships. "So any help I can get is help to them as well."

Each one of the award recipients has made it their mission to come back to the area after school and do some good. 

Donavan Eason said because the community has done so much for him, it will be his way of saying 'thank you.' "Well because they gave everything to you. So, you have to give back and be grateful because at the end of the day, you probably wouldn't have made it without the help of others."

Dr. Burney said the breakfast is a time to showcase the bright future that local students have. Especially after the past couple of years.

"You know, there is a lot going on within the community. We talk about violence, we talk about bullying, we talk about COVID," he explained. "But this scholarship breakfast is important because it gives us the opportunity to talk about the good that actually happens in our own backyard."

If you think you're qualified for the MLK Scholarship, Josiah Brown has some words of advice for you. "Stay out of trouble. Strive hard. Strive for greatness actually and do anything you set your mind to because people are going to doubt you. Just don't doubt yourself and you're going to make it."

A total of $13,000 were awarded at the MLK Scholarship breakfast. 

It was the 30th year for the event.