TOLEDO, Ohio — It was the moment and announcement of a lifetime for Scott High School seniors and their families after Pete Kadens, an Ottawa Hills native, announced he would pay for them to go to college.

An announcement like this is something no senior Bulldog ever expected.

"No, I would have never thought none of this would ever happen," said Scott H.S. Senior, I-Am Torres.

Despite the odds, it happened and those seniors are still getting used to waking up with a new sense of hope and opportunity.

Some may call it fate, but donor Pete Kadens said there's no such thing. He calls it probability.

"I remember vividly, when I was growing up, 25-30 years ago, that Scott was the most under resourced, under-served school then, and unfortunately not much has changed," said Kadens.

Kadens, who now lives in Chicago, claims the lack of changes in the Old West End's school is what made the decision an easy choice.

He knows there are kids who are smart and capable but don't have the same opportunities as others because of their financial situations.

"Now our students and their parents have an opportunity to do so. Not only will that have an effect on their personal life, but also on the community and the overall city of Toledo," said Scott High School Principal, Dr. Carnel Smith.

Emotions were high once the announcement was made and some students have really started to consider thinking about larger schools.

"Yesterday was really life-altering. I thought they were just lying when they said it was going to change your life. It really did change my life, I never cry and I cried yesterday," said Torres.

According to Scott High School's principal, the graduating class will be about 140 kids, all of whom will have the opportunity to extend their education and he's proud of it.

"Yesterday was historic. This is history, this is like. It was a defining part of my career here at Scott High School," said Dr. Carnel Smith.

Kadens describes the announcement as fulfilling, for Dr. Smith it was hopeful, and I-Am Torres used the words "life-changing."

Kadens said his pledge is just the beginning of opening doors for his community. 

You can find more information about the donation and his foundation here

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