TOLEDO (WTOL) - Schools are back in session this week, which means school buses are back on the roads.

Local districts are still seeing a problem with drivers wizzing by stoped buses.

Bowling Green City schools is one of the local districts that has put cameras on their buses to try and catch those cars that don’t stop. Their superintendent, Francis Scruci, says 57 vehicles have blown past stopped school buses.

Other districts like Oregon city schools and Springfield have put signs around their community to try and reinforce the message to drivers.

State Senator Randy Gardner is working to increase the penalties for drivers who are caught illegally passing a school bus.

“It has come to light these infractions have happened more and more. We need to do something about it. We need stronger penalties and more awareness of the impact and seriousness of this issue,” said Senator Gardner.

Legislation he supported in 2018 did not have time to be passed but he hopes 2019 will be the year we will see concrete solutions to this problem.