ROSSFORD (WTOL) - The Rossford Police Department pushing to buy seven new body cameras.

Officers have been testing various body cams for the past three months. They’re trying to get a product that is just right.

A good body camera will produce clear audio and video, attach effectively to the officer’s uniform and store a good chunk of data.

So far, the department has tested products from WatchGuard, Avon and Motorola. Officers believe the cameras are crucial to showing events from an officer’s perspective:

"I think it’s important just for the accountability aspect of our job. I mean we have to be accountable to the public, we have to maintain our legitimacy and these cameras would fulfill that,” said Rossford Police Chief Todd Kitzler.

Ultimately, the department said they will buy body cams from Axon due to its ability to meet all three criteria.

The equipment will cost the City of Rossford a total of $36,000 for a five-year contract, including upgrades. The chief hopes to have the cameras for his 15 officers by 2019.