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Displaced apartment residents get by with community support

With only hours to pack, residents were forced to leave things behind. A local pharmacy is helping out in case prescriptions were forgotten.

ADRIAN, Mich. — On Monday, engineers determined the Riverview Terrace Apartments building was structurally unsound and residents were given just a few hours to pack up and leave.

Some residents just grabbed the bare necessities.

Resident Dana Mansky said she was given five minutes to go upstairs and grab her belongings.

"I ain't never packed for nothing in five minutes so I grabbed a few things," she said.

Some residents said they've been told they can expect about a week to pass until they can move back in.

The apartment's management was able to find food and a place to stay for people on all twelve stories. Some were housed in a local senior center until Tuesday morning. Some are staying at a local hotel, while others are staying with family or friends.

With the building officially labeled unfit for human habitation, some residents forgot necessities like prescription medicines in the rush to pack and leave.

Adrian Medical Pharmacy is offering prescription deliveries to help.

"If they left their prescriptions, we can call their insurance, get overrides to make sure they have an emergency supply," pharmacy owner Sam Hammoud said.

He said he has 15 customers who lived at the Riverview Terrace, but the service is open for anyone.

Regardless of where the displaced residents are currently staying, Hammoud said his staff will make sure prescriptions are delivered directly to the residents.

He said two people have been able to get their medicine so far.

"If you're available or you're able to help, why not, right?" he said. "We're all in this together. After the pandemic, this is just another thing we can get through."

Some residents are trying to make the best of a bad situation and are awaiting the go-ahead to move back in to Riverview Terrace.

But resident Kevin Brighton said he will be looking for a new place to live

"I'm sorry but I ain't gonna come back," he said. "I had last year with the electrical storm, and this year, I'll just find another place to live that's safe, and ain't 12 stories high."

WTOL 11 is still waiting to hear the official reason for the building's issues from the management.

Residents said management has promised to give them the exact timeline for when they can come home by Tuesday night.

Hammoud says the delivery service runs Monday through Friday from 4:30-6:30 p.m., but special accommodations can be made. Adrian Medical Pharmacy can be reached by phone at (517) 920-4010.

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