TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledoans are one step closer to being able to get medical marijuana within the city.

Rise Dispensary gave us a sneak peek inside their doors before they open to patients in the coming weeks.

It’s a new day in the city of Toledo, as Rise Dispensaries cut the ribbon on their west Sylvania Avenue location in west Toledo. This is the first medical marijuana dispensary to open in the city and they are excited to bring their products to patients.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Bryan Lloyd Rise Retail Director. “We’re so happy to be here and offer the wellness to the customers around here, but being the first establishment in Toledo, we know it’s a big county for us here and to have the presence has been very special for us.”

The dispensary is owned by Green Thumb Industries, which manufactures and sells cannabis products across the county. Rise is expecting their license from the State of Ohio any day and will then get product and open for patients. They will sell vape, edibles and more, but nothing will be available to smoke.

Rise Dispensaries cuts ribbon on first Medical marijuana dispensary in Toledo

John Pardee works with patients and the community through Rise all because he's seen the benefits of medical marijuana.

“It helps with the pain and inflammation with Crohn’s,” said Pardee, GTI and Rise Patient and Community Outreach Manager. “It helps me manage the symptoms when I do have a flare up.”

Customers of Rise will have to be registered patients through the State of Ohio. The medical marijuana dispensary has state of the art security both inside and outside of the building and police have worked with Rise leaders.

Once a registered patient is inside the building they will get one-on-one treatment with trained professionals.

“We want to make them feel comfortable,” said Lloyd. “We don’t want to rush it, we want to ask the right questions and ensure that we are getting the product that matches up to what they need on their daily basis to feel well.”

On hand at Friday’s ribbon cutting was also Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz. He welcomed the new business and employer to town.

“What’s happening here is professionalism and anyone who steps in here will see this as a serious grown-up place where people are going to be helped,” said Kapszukiewicz. “I think that’s a plus for Toledo and you know we’re here to support it every way we can.”

Despite Friday’s inside look, Rise does not have any product. Once they get the green light they will share their merchandise and prices. They expect to be serving patients within the coming weeks, but say those who want to know more should follow them on social media where they will post updates.