CLEVELAND, (WTOL) - Friends of Nicole Delamotte describe her as the type of person who knew how to bring groups of people together through her writing.

She is the author of “100 things to do in Cleveland before you Die” which highlights local businesses in Cleveland.

Her friends knew her writing had an impact on people, which was clear at her vigil.

“All of us are literally strangers but Nikki brought us together through her stories and that’s how we know each other and we got united in some weird way,” said Nicole’s friend Bella Sin.

Nicole also has ties in northwest Ohio. She is a 2006 Springfield High School graduate and was very involved throughout high school.

Nicole was a part of various clubs and was a member of the theater department. Members of the Springfield community remember her in a positive light.

What Nikki’s friends hope people will remember about her is bittersweet.

“I just want to say cats. But honestly everything, everything about her was amazing. But she would never accept a compliment like that,” said Bella Sin.

“Her ability to see the best in people and drop everything she was doing to support you and love you was such a special characteristic that can only come from a truly kind person,” said Lauren Kotmel, Nicole’s friend.

A go fund me is set up in Nicole’s honor. You can access that here.