TOLEDO (WTOL) - More than 800 people gathered at the Real Seafood Company at the docks Thursday afternoon to enjoy a free Thanksgiving meal.

Usually Michael Gibbons is the boss, but during the holiday, he had a different title.

“I’m the stuffing man, so I come in and I make the stuffing for the day,” Gibbons said.

The Thanksgiving dinner is something he dreamed up when he was seeing more and more Toledoans having a hard time affording a Thanksgiving meal. So now each year Gibbons, who owns Real Seafood and Dan Rogers with Cherry Street Mission team up.

"It's an incredible experience of watching divergent communities come together on notably the best day of the year," Rogers said.

Some people walk in and sit with strangers, making friends as the meal goes on. Others enjoy eating with familiar faces.

“It’s awesome to come down here and see guests in a whole different setting eating a wonderful meal and being able to conversate with each other,” said Lynsey Bishop with Cherry Street Ministries.

Lynsey’s table mate Todd Yuergens was excited to enjoy a meal at the restaurant with friends.

“It’s a beautiful place, I love it. This is my second year coming,” Yuergens said.