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The Big LePlowski, other Ohio newly named plows, set to hit the Ohio Turnpike this winter

Ohio Turnpike officials announced the winners of this year's contest to name plows in the fleet of vehicles that keep the road clear of snow each winter.

TOLEDO, Ohio — When you're cruising a snow-covered Ohio Turnpike this winter and pass one of the Ohio Turnpike's plows, the snow-clearing vehicle is likely to have a name thanks to some clever contest winner.

Turnpike officials announced the winners of the annual plow-naming contest Friday. Winners get a $100 gift card, their winning entry on the name of a plow, and bragging rights every time it snows along the stretch of toll road across northern Ohio.

One plow in each of the Turnpike's eight garages will be named with a winning entry.

This year's winners are:


Blizzard Wizard

Plow Chicka Plow Wow

You're Killin' Me Squalls

The Big LePlowski

The Blizzard of Oz

Ohio Thaw Enforcement


The contest, which launched in October, coincided with the Ohio Turnpike’s snow and ice safety inspection of snowplow trucks and equipment.

Some of last year's name winners included: Snow Force One, Darth Blader, Plowy McPlowface, Snow More Mr. Ice Guy, Snowbi-Wan Kenobi, O-H Snow U Didn’t, Sir Plows-A-Lot, and Ah, Push It… Push It Real Good!

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