TOLEDO, Ohio — Community members gathered in protest on Thursday as an accused animal abuser faced a judge.

Ashley Roderick faces animal cruelty charges after she surrendered a dog that was described as "almost dead" to the Lucas County Pit Crew in early December. 

The 9-month-old dog, Bogey, was severely dehydrated, emaciated and suffering from several infections when he was taken in. 

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Roderick has reportedly admitted she didn't get Bogey the medical help he needed.

The case has garnered a lot of public interest. People protested at her hearing Thursday, saying they want to see tougher charges.

"It is a serious crime. I mean, the suffering he has gone through was completely unnecessary. And what people need to realize is that there are consequences to doing that to someone else," Lucas County Pit Crew Executive Director Jean Keating said.

Roderick's case will be handed over to a grand jury. 

Bogey's owner in court
Ashley Roderick was in court on Thursday. She faces animal abuse charges after surrendering a dog that was emaciated and had severe infections to the Lucas County Pit Crew last month.

 As far as Bogey, those caring for him have said he's making progress, but he still has a long road ahead.

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