TOLEDO (WTOL) - Prosecutors say a Toledo man used Facebook to lure in kids, who he then molested. One of the victims is someone he met through church.

Antonio Ramos is accused of using Facebook to build a relationship with the young children he is accused of molesting. But in one case he first met one of the victims at Cedar Creek Church.

Prosecutors said he got in contact with a child’s guardian at Cedar Creek then used Facebook to gain trust. He’s charged with three counts of gross sexual imposition.

Additionally he is charged with one count of importuning in a separate case.

Police said Ramos sent messages to a 13-year old boy, offering him up to $50 if he masturbated for him.

Now despite Ramos allegedly meeting one of these children at Cedar Creek, church officials say Ramos did not work for them. He volunteered on occasion but never interacted with children.

“This did not happen at Cedar Creek and for us it’s another encouragement for creating fun and safe spaces for our kids. Spaces where the people who are going to be with them are going through interviews and background checks, we do reference checks, all sorts of different training,” said Lauren Snyder, Executive Director of Ministries for Cedar Creek Church.

Even though the incident did not happen on their property, Cedar Creek said any allegation involving children should be taken seriously.

Antonio Ramos is currently out on a supervised bond.

We will continue to follow this story as it progresses.