TOLEDO, Ohio — Most drivers in northwest Ohio agree; Winter driving is a drag. 

Cold weather affects the way you interact with your car and the way your car interacts with the road. 

Matt Barnes with Triple A said it's never too early to start preparing your car for the winter months. He said drivers should be sure to check the fluids in their car.

"Just as coolant keeps your engine cool in the summer time, in the winter time that keeps the block from freezing in the car," said Barnes.

Tires are important too. Barnes recommends inspecting your tires to make sure there is enough tread to grip the road. If not, get them replaced.

Ohioans are no stranger to cold and snowy weather. It can lead to some scary moments on the roadways. Barnes says the the best thing car owners can do is to have a professional check of their vehicle before winter hits, and to keep an emergency car kit containing bottled water, mittens, and blankets in case your car breaks down suddenly.

"If your car does break down get it off the road as far as you can and remain in the car to stay safe."