TOLEDO, Ohio — The U.S. House of Representatives moved one step closer to the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump Wednesday.

Democrats in Lucas County say Trump left them no choice, while Republicans believe the move is just a farce. 

"It's just a distraction on the 2020 election. They're not happy with the fact that the president is delivering the highest numbers of employment in our country, the economy is going so great that today the markets hit the highest level ever in the history of our country and he's delivering on the promises he made to the American people," said Patrick Kriner, the chair of central committee with the Lucas County Republican Party. 

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Kriner says the move is a waste of time for the Democratic party. 

However, a tweet posted by Democratic U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-OH, says "The American people deserve truth. Not a cover-up." 

Still, Kriner says it's setting the country behind and the continued distraction is very disturbing from the Republican perspective.

"There's a lot of anger within the Republicans because this process is going on and on and on, costing the American people millions of dollars. And yet, nothing is being done in Congress because of that. They're focused on the impeachment and yet, the day-to-day operations of Congress is being put on the shelf. And the American people want to see results," he said. 

Requests for comment sent to Kaptur's office and the Lucas County Democratic Party weren't answered by Wednesday night.  

In the meantime, Kriner said he has faith the legal process will prevail for the Republicans. 

"It's the Constitution is driving this issue. So, we're going by the constitution. We've had faith in the Constitution since the inception of our country. I'm very comfortable with the way it's gonna end up and the way it's gonna be resolved to the benefit of the President of the United States," Kriner said.  

Kriner said he believes it will take about two or three weeks before both parties see where the impeachment process will go.