TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledo Police are rolling out a new way to keep you safe and informed. All you need is a popular social media app.

Through a partnership with Facebook, Toledo Police will be using local alerts.

The department wants to build on the success of its crime and safety social media posts to keep you updated in more specific ways. When Toledo Police mark one of their posts as a local alert, Facebook Local Alerts will send a notification to Facebook users in Toledo.

In news feed, local alerts will look differently from other content, so you know this information is relevant to where you live. The alerts will keep you informed of everything TPD marks as local, from major road closures, to blackouts, to severe weather to a fleeing suspect.

The goal is to keep you safe and help you plan your day.

Department leaders say they sought out the opportunity to be among the first local responders testing “local alerts.”

In the future, they hope to unroll timely, local updates for specific neighborhoods and areas.

If you want to stay in the know, it’s as simple as a ‘like’ on Toledo Police’s Facebook page.