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Police investigate cyberbullying Twitter profile targeting girls at Perrysburg High School

Perrysburg school officials and police are looking for the creators of a Twitter account whose stated goal is “helping out guys and ranking the hottest, best girls at PHS.”

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Perrysburg school officials and police are looking for the creators of a Twitter account whose stated goal is “helping out guys and ranking the hottest, best girls at PHS.”

But there is nothing innocent, helpful or healthy about the site, which is titled “Perrysburg Girls Ranked” and has the handle @GirlsRanked.

By late this afternoon, dozens of girls had been listed. Each listing included height, exaggerated weights and cutting comments about their physical appearance. The creator promised to rank 64 girls from worst to first, saying personality, face and body would be taken into account.

By Wednesday afternoon, all of the individual “rankings” had been removed. But some of the screen shots captured included the following descriptions:

“She’s a weirdo and has no pros.”

“The queen of whales … who belongs in an aquarium rather than a high school.”

“Passable with a lot of makeup, but still looks like a goblin.”

“If you thought high school would change these girls’ bodies, you were wrong. She looks like an 8-year-old boy.”

Superintendent Tom Hosler said the district knows the account was created in the past 48 hours and when officials found out about it, the information was turned over to the Perrysburg Police Department. The department has forensics experts who will be able to look for a digital fingerprint.

“It’s an awful Twitter account. I can’t begin to describe the despicable things being said on it,” Hosler said.

More than 100 students came forward by this afternoon to tell staff about the site, Hosler said. He added that girls and boys reported the site.

“We have students who are victims of this targeted rhetoric, whether it is was done from inside or outside our district. If it is one of ours, we will deal with it,” Hosler said.

If it is a former student or a student from another district, police charges would still be possible. The superintendent said courts have recently given schools much more power in dealing with cyberbullying situations.

“If a kid creates it at home on a Saturday, can we do something about it? Courts have said ‘yes,’ Hosler said.

Late this afternoon, the district released the following statement:

"This morning, Perrysburg Schools was made aware of a Twitter account that was opened sometime during the last 48 hours and subsequent posts that made very inappropriate and disparaging comments about several of our female students. An investigation immediately began in cooperation with the Perrysburg Police Department and a computer forensics specialist. The posts have been removed and we have communicated this information to our high school families. Our primary goal is to keep our students safe and supported.
The comments were disgusting and reprehensible. The coward or cowards that created and posted these terrible things shall not prevail. Regardless if this was perpetrated by someone in our community or from outside, we will advocate for the most consequential response from the courts upon being caught.
In this moment when Perrysburg High School students were victims of this vile harassment, we had over 100 students, male and female, report this Twitter account to teachers and administrators today, which enabled us to quickly respond. There is absolutely no place for this type of speech in our schools or world.
Because of the ongoing police investigation, the school district cannot comment any further."