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Planned Pethood celebrating 40 years with Giving Tuesday fundraiser

The organization puts dogs and cats in homes around northwest Ohio.

NORTHWEST, Ohio — Corey Crane and his wife have been fostering dogs through Planned Pethood for a number of years now. 

Right now they have five dogs living in their house, two of which are fosters. Corey estimates they have fostered around 150 dogs over the past 12 years. 

"When you see them in the pound, they can't take care of themselves so we have to take care of them and a lot of people don't necessarily treat them well, so we kind of rehabilitate them," said Corey.

For 40 years Planned Pethood has been rescuing dogs and cats and putting them in foster homes, instead of a shelter. Corey is currently fostering Whiskey and Paisley who are looking for permanent homes along with many other dogs currently living in homes across Northwest Ohio. 

Organizers say having dogs in foster homes versus shelters, allows them to grow in a normal environment.

"And you get to see how the dogs interact with other dogs, cats, children, so it gives you the ability to help place the dog in a home that is most appropriate for the dog," said Corey.

Donations allow organizers to provide medical care for all the dogs and cats that are rescued. 

If you are interested in donating, fostering a dog or cat, or becoming a volunteer for Planned Pethood, click here.