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Perrysburg woman stepping up to help elderly during coronavirus outbreak

Nicole Kuh is offering to shop for the elderly and homebound that need supplies and groceries during this health crisis.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio — Families and households have been stocking up on everyday goods the last few days. But what about those that can't make it out to the store?

Perrysburg native Nicole Kuh is offering to help the seniors in her community get the supplies they need during the coronavirus outbreak.

School districts, businesses and community groups have put forth plans to help out students and those that could be impacted by closures due to the coronavirus. But everyday community members are also coming up with their own small ways to show compassion in this time of need.

Kuh, a wife and mother of three, works in healthcare with seniors. She said the last couple of days have been overwhelming for parents and workers. 

"Definitely hard to grasp, and when I think about it, it makes me a little emotional," she said. "It's going to have a negative impact on so many people, with financial insecurities and mental health."

But it's also concerning for the elderly population, who are at most risk for the coronavirus.

"I do work closely with elderly people and people that are homebound to some degree," Kuh said, "it just kept thinking in my mind what are people going to do that cannot leave their home."

She put up a post on Facebook on Thursday, offering to pick up any supplies for the elderly or anyone whose immune system is compromised. Items could be anything from food or toiletries, or even something simple as coffee creamer.

She stressed our seniors and neighbors need us now and the way we get through this crisis is by helping each other.

"It just felt like everyone was freaking out about toilet paper and it's like, there's a bigger problem," she said, "and the bigger problem is helping other people, and I kind of just wanted to gently suggest that everyone needed to kind of think outside of their little box for a minute or two and realize that there's other people in our town that are really going to need our help."

Kuh said many people have responded to her post, offering to help.

"It's heartwarming to think that people are in this time of chaos and uncertainty for themselves," she said, "are thinking about somebody else outside their immediate family and giving back to the people in our community that need it the most."

If you know anyone that needs help, you can email Nicole at Nicolehc51@hotmail.com.

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