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Perrysburg woman and St. Ursula grad hoping to be next Chief Fashion Officer for women's clothing brand

Emmah Lou is currently in 1st place out of 100 competitors to win the top spot at women's clothing brand Roolee.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio — A local midwest girl is aiming for some big city dreams.

Emmah Lou is a photographer and blogger from Perrysburg who's competing to become the next Chief Fashion Officer for women's clothing brand Roolee, based in Utah.

"Basically this person is under a 6 month contract to run their TikTok page, showcase their clothes, and get their name out there," said Lou.

As of Friday, Emmah was in first place out of 100 other hopefuls in the second round of the competition.

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She'll find out on Sunday if she's one of 10 people moving onto the third and final round.

"They are using votes as one way to help pick their finalists, but they're also judging for creativity, and your Tiktok audience, your platform, what do you do to get your name out there," said Lou.

Lou said her boldness makes her someone who can market very well.

"My last video was very energetic and full of a lot of energy," said Lou. "It felt like a theatrical performance almost, but I think it's fun, and I think that's what they need."

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Lou says fashion has always been her thing.

"I get inspired by an outfit and I'm like 'oh, the world needs to see this'. I always say you need bold earrings or a bold lip and that's kind of what I go for," said Lou.

She said the amount of support she's received from the community has blown her away. 

Lou says even if this is all the farther she gets in the Roolee competition she will keep trying to make her mark in the online fashion marketing world.

"You know I'll just keep going for it and trying out for contests like this and using what I've learned moving forward and I'm going to just keep going for it," said Lou. 

You can check out Emmah's work below and vote for her in the link below as well.

Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdf14Wx3/
Website: https://mauvorney.wixsite.com/mauvorney
Magazine: https://issuu.com/mauvorney/docs/magazine2020final
Roolee Voting Link: https://cfo.roolee.com?sre=Agj8n2tNLWPV1