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Perrysburg students thrilled masks will not be required in the fall

The district's superintendent said they are prepared to adapt if the virus picks back up.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio — As of right now, masks will not be required in Perrysburg Schools in the fall. However that could quickly change, depending on how the pandemic plays out.

"We need to have flexibility looking at the future, because if the virus begins to pick up steam, a variant comes through the area, we may very well have to adapt," said Perrysburg superintendent Tom Hosler.

Hosler says he understands kids are enjoying summer activities like going to Cedar Point or the movieswithout wearing a mask. So for the school to require masks, it's like whiplash.

"So I think what we're really trying to do is lay out the justification, the why were doing what were doing, and promising that if things change, we will take those steps," said Hosler.

Some Perrysburg students WTOL 11 spoke with at the playground said they're thrilled to get back in the classroom without wearing a mask, for a variety of reasons:

"Because you won't get hot and you can talk better," said Mila, Perrysburg student

"Sometimes I have to change my mask, sometimes I get hit in the face and I have a bloody tooth or lip and it gets all on my mask and it doesn't feel good," said Aniston, Perrysburg student.

"I can breath better," said Ellis, Perrysburg student

Another big reason is that they'll actually be able to understand what their teacher is saying, without a mask blocking their face

"Because everybody can't hear her," said Ezra, Perrysburg student.

Perrysburg's decision comes as state lawmakers consider a bill that would prohibit the state school board, the Ohio Department of Education or individual school districts' boards of education from requiring masks in a public education setting.