PERRYSBURG, Ohio — The coronavirus has impacted us all. It’s changed our daily lives and disrupted the events that change our lives. That includes graduations for the class of 2020. These students won’t get the traditional end to their senior year, but they are finding creative ways to celebrate.

One by one, Perrysburg seniors lined up, ready to parade through town. They won’t get a graduation ceremony with the whole school, but they are thankful for these special moments.

“It means a lot to see everyone in the school staff and parents coming out to support our senior class. We’ve never had this much support and I know it means a lot to everyone,” said Paige Smith.

Austin Collins agreed.

“It means the world. This is the first time in months I’ve been able to see all these people. I think it's great they have something for us. To me and my friends, this means the world,” said Austin.

On Sunday, Perrysburg High School will hold a social distancing graduation, giving each senior his or her moment to walk across the stage, just not in front of a large audience. 

Olivia Harris is heading to Miami University for school next year. Her mom is thankful the district is finding ways to still honor these graduating seniors.

“I was afraid there wasn’t going to be anything. I am so glad Dr. Short and the teachers have stepped up to do this," said Olivia's mom Sherry. "She gets to walk across her high school stage. It doesn’t matter that no one else will be there and that we will be the only ones in there. It’s so good for the community. I think everyone is thankful.”

It hasn’t been easy but going through this will make the class of 2020 stronger.

“Yeah, there has been struggles for everyone, but for us to come together and have our one last thing to do before graduation tomorrow is amazing,” said Austin.

“Besides all the sad parts it's been really cool to see everyone put out so much hard work. Its an honor to part of the class of 2020,” said Paige.

Perrysburg high school will hold a social distancing graduation Sunday, giving each senior his or her moment to walk across the stage.

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