PERRYSBURG, (WTOL) - Leaders in the city of Perrysburg are speaking out about its police department.

Concerns were raised about Chief Daniel Paez. A report found he failed to help the Perrysburg Township Police Department in a situation that resulted in an officer-involved shooting over the summer.

A report looking at the Perrysburg Township Police Department’s response to the August officer-involved shooting in Perrysburg Township are in.

“We’re going to go forward and address those issues making sure they do not happen again,” said Mayor of Perrysburg Tom Mackin.

Mackin thinks there is room for improvement within the Perrysburg Police Department. But the future of leadership within the department is unclear as of right now.

“We’re going to study the facts and be guided by the principles of what this office are and move forward,” said Mackin.

The mayor released a four-page response to the report from the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office. The report reviewed dash cam videos, dispatcher logs and the established mutual aid agreements and policies. The report cited concerns involving an order from the officer in charge telling Perrysburg officers to stay in city limits unless mutual aid was requested and the actions of Chief Daniel Paez.

Mayor Mackin said the city plans to look at all areas of improvement within the department before any decisions are made.

“That requires reviewing some of the technology we use and we’re also going to review our policies and procedures,” said Mackin.

Additionally there are members of the Perrysburg City Council that feel the police chief should step down. The mayor said a recommendation from his administration will come in January of 2019.