PERRYSBURG (WTOL) - A Perrysburg High student is charged with allegedly harassing fellow female students.

Mehros Nassersharifi, 18, is accused of creating the Twitter account, @GirlsRanked, with the purpose harassing female students through the use of derogatory and abusive tweets.

The tweets ranked female students on things like their appearance, body type and personality. The account has since been taken down. Perrysburg School officials said more than 100 students came forward to report it to school officials who then used a forensic expert to investigate.

The Perrysburg Police department is speaking with WTOL about how they investigate these types of cases.

In fact their new police chief Patrick Jones has an expertise in computer forensics. He explained that companies like Facebook and Twitter can collect data on any account, which the police have a right to access if they have a probable cause.

“If we have probable cause to get that then we can obtain that information from these companies. So information like IP addresses or other information that can lead to you know identifying who this person is so the big thing people need to realize is nothing is really truly anonymous,” said Perrysburg Police Chief Patrick Jones.

The student is charged with telecommunications harassment. That is very broad term but on the first offense is a misdemeanor and each offense after that, is a felony.

The school has taken disciplinary action, but they wouldn’t give specifics.