PERRYSBURG, Ohio — Tension is brewing between two parts of Perrysburg, where only one winner can be declared in the battle for an open-container district.

Perrysburg City Council is set to hear a controversial option for a designated outdoor refreshment area — or DORA — on Tuesday.

The argument isn't over if a DORA should be brought to the city, but rather where to put it.

"With the right amount of education and understanding of why Levis Commons is in a good position to support DORA and oversee the program, we will be able to get this pushed through," Levis Commons marketing director Allison Schroeder said.

DORA support Levis Commons

That's the hope for Blue Pacific Grill owner Kirk Falknor, who is a strong supporter of a Levis Commons open-container permit.

"To be able to carry a drink around and to enjoy that, I think it's huge for all of us including the merchants," Falknor said. "It might bring some people that necessarily wouldn't come here in the past."

Folks at Levis Commons contend the number of events they host, along with the quantity of restaurants and bars here, make the shopping district a prime candidate for a DORA.

Levis Commons

However, some people in Perrysburg said that a downtown location would more comfortable, more inviting and better-suited to have a drink in hand.

"I think this is just so intimate and it's really a fun place," Perrysburg resident Barbara Steele said.

Steele said she prefers a DORA downtown instead of at Levis Commons, but just wants to see one in general.

Regular downtown Perrysburg customer Kayla Mehki, however, said downtown is the perfect spot.

Downtown Perrysburg

"My fiancee and I, we like walking around this area and having a drink in our hand, we would enjoy it," she said.

The dispute will likely culminate Tuesday and only time will tell where the victors will be able to plant their flag.

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