PERRYSBURG, Ohio — Parents, you know how it goes - your child spikes a fever at dinner time, after the pediatrician's office has closed. 

Health care professionals will tell you that treating a child is very different than treating an adult and now there's a new place in northwest Ohio for sick kids to go. 

The first pediatric urgent care center is open in Perrysburg. 

"This was part of our goal to increase the health and well-being of children," said Dr. Jon Dvorak, Director of Medical Operations, ProMedica Physician Group.

ProMedica said the Pediatric Urgent Care, connected to the existing urgent care on Dixie Highway, will be staffed by specialty-trained certified pediatric nurse practitioners and physician assistants with pediatric experience. 

"Parents appreciate having providers who are used to caring especially for kids. I think the communication that the providers for give give, we speak the same language as pediatricians," said Promedica Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Amy Spangler.

At the new pediatric urgent care, kids can be treated for things like:

•    Ear and eye infections

•    Cold and influenza

•    Sprains, strains and fractures

•    Cuts and lacerations

•    Minor burns

•    Allergies

•    Sports/school physicals

There's an onsite lab and X-Ray. In addition, kids can also get sports and school physicals.

"There is a large population of pediatrics that do go to our urgent cares right now. Here in Perrysburg, this is a central location for a large population of them so this will be a little boom for this area as well," said Dr. Dvorak.

ProMedica hopes this won't be the only Pediatric Urgent Care. A location to serve the west Toledo and Sylvania areas is also on the radar. 

The center is located at 25950 Dixie Hwy., Perrysburg. It's open 8 a.m.  to 8 p.m., seven days a week for those times when either your primary pediatrician is booked or if a child needs after-hour care.

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