TOLEDO, Ohio — The patients at the Toledo Children's Hospital don't get to spend much time outside of those hospital walls, but on Thursday, members of the Toledo Air Show brought some presents to make them feel like they were part of the experience.

These kids were surprised with stickers, posters and temporary tattoos from the men of the air show to help  take their mind off treatments and infusions for a little bit.

"It's very cool. She's unfortunately not going to remember it, but we'll have pictures and stuff to remember it and tell her about it," the mother of a patient Sierra Ritzler said.

There were six kids that the visitors were able to read books to and interact with, and for the men, they were honored to spend time with them.

"It's tough, these kids are going through more than I've ever gone through in my life. As far as some of them living here at the hospital, they don't get to leave. So, it was just seeing how tough they are," Lieutenant Colonel Steve Atkinson said.

At the end of the day, getting a glimpse of the outside world is everything to the kids but there's always another end goal.

"Remission, to be over, to be home..." Ritzler said.

Smiles and laughter filled the room thanks to spending some time with people outside of the hospital.

The Toledo Air Show starts on Saturday, July 13 with the jets flying over at noon.