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Perrysburg organizations help kids fill back-to-school supplies lists

Perrysburg Schools partnered with Perrysburg Heights at their community center to provide kids with the supplies they need for the coming school year.


The Perrysburg Heights Community Association partnered with Perrysburg Schools and other local organizations to host a back-to-school event on Tuesday to provide kids with the supplies they need to start the year.

Hannah's Socks provided socks and shoes, the Islamic Food Bank of Toledo set up bundles of food and bread for families to take, and Summit Salon Academy signed kids up for appointments to get their hair cut for free.

Other resources like the Perrysburg Nutrition Department and Mom's Mobile Mission were also set up at the event.

"It takes a village," Perrysburg Schools Social Worker Christina Harper said. "We all work together to make sure that kids are in a good spot, and that's what we're doing. We're pulling everybody together to make sure everybody is ready to go and be as excited to start the school year as they possibly can be."  

Kids start by choosing their bookbag and filling it with all the supplies they needed on their back-to-school list.

"If families are out there saying 'I don't know how to get my kids ready for school next week,' give us a call and we can help," Harper said.  

She said there are multiple ways for the community to get assistance. She suggests reaching out to school counselors, the principal of the child's school or district social workers.

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