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Ohio sales tax holiday weekend ends Sunday

The statewide sales tax holiday aims to provide a little relief when it comes to purchasing common back-to-school items by making them temporarily tax exempt.

OHIO, USA — The Ohio Department of Taxation's yearly sales tax holiday is now underway.

The weekend-long event exempts common back-to-school supplies and necessities from sales and use taxes, to provide a little relief when it comes to the large expenses that families often face to get students ready ahead of the school year.

Items that are tax exempt during the sales tax holiday include any article of clothing priced at $75 or less, school supplies priced at $20 or less and items considered school instructional material priced at $20 or less. 

The tax free designation is determined on an item-by-item basis, meaning there is no limit on the total amount of any purchase as long as each individual item falls within the guidelines for each category.

Items over the limits for each category will be taxed in full, meaning an $80 shirt would be taxed based on the entire price, as normal.

Discounts and coupons that bring items under the price limits also allow for sales tax to be waived, however, manufacturer's coupons do not apply.

Items can be purchased by mail, telephone, e-mail or the internet and also qualify as long as payment is completed during the sales tax exemption period and the transaction occurs within the time limit of the holiday, based on the location of the seller.

Business and trade items do not qualify as tax exempt.

The holiday was made permanent by the State of Ohio in 2019, to take place yearly during the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of August. Because it is an Ohio law, stores and sellers must comply and participate.

The 2020 Ohio sales tax holiday will end Sunday, Aug. 9 at 11:59 p.m.