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Perrysburg teacher explains how the pandemic is changing teaching and learning

A Perrysburg Jr. High School teacher opened up about how she feels teaching during a pandemic and what her days look like in a hybrid-learning model.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio — Many, if not all teachers, never expected they would be teaching your kids in-person only part-time. 

The pandemic has changed everything educators used to know.

"I'm not going to lie, it was a little scary. You're trying to do things that will be best for kids, (and) you also want to stay safe yourself," Perrysburg Jr. High School teacher Kelley Treece said.

Treece was nervous about starting the academic year, but that feeling changed to excitement on the first day of school when she was able to interact with her students in person. 

She said the teaching focus during a hybrid model is on maximizing the time spent with teachers in the classroom and on discussion-based learning.

"We try to build community, we're trying to just establish that rapport because quite honestly, kids will learn from people they have connections with," she said. 

When students are learning from home, she said the work is something they are able to do on their own, but it's not busywork - every assignment has a purpose.

Treece teaches English learning arts in her classroom all five days of the week, but only sees students for four of them. 

One aspect that's been especially helpful since starting the year in a hybrid model is that her group of students is tech-savvy.

"We have Apple computers and the kids have Chromebooks. Sometimes when I go to screenshot, I hit different buttons than the kids do," Treece said. "So, I'll say to them, Chromebook people, tell us what to do and they teach each other. It's fantastic."

She says every year she tries to do something fresh when it comes to teaching, the pandemic been a complete change, but she's excited about it. A positive lesson from a teacher looking to still make an impact.

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