This school year, some parents may be thinking that your child is old enough to get on or off the bus without an adult at home.

Toledo police have some things you might want to do before you hand over the keys to your house.

TPD Chief George Kral says your child should probably be around 12 or 13 before you consider leaving them to their own devices to get to school, but this all depends on how mature they are.

They should also know a few important pieces of information in case something happens.

"They should know the phone number inside and out, their address inside and out and mom and dad's cell phone inside and out. They should also know what 911 is for, they should know the stove should be off limits." said Chief Kral.

The chief says you can also start with some tests to make sure they're ready to get on and off the bus themselves, like leaving them at home for short periods at a time to see how they handle it.

Start with a 10-minute trip to the gas station and if that goes well, take a longer trip to the grocery store.

When parents do decide their kids are ready to be home alone, make sure you know what apps are on their phone and who they are talking to.