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You are NOT invited to the SeaGate Food Bank's No Show No Dinner Gala

Fight childhood hunger without getting dressed up
Credit: SeaGate Food Bank

Help the SeaGate Food Bank celebrate the most highly anticipated Un-Event in Northwest Ohio. The No Show No Dinner Gala is created to raise funds that directly impact the lives of thousands of underserved children throughout Northwest Ohio. 

Buy tickets to NOT attend! Order an expensive meal, or warm a t.v. dinner; Dress up if you want, but do not come to the event! The SeaGate Food Bank does NOT want to see you at the No Show No Dinner Gala on April 30, 2022. There will be a live raffle drawing at 10am start on the SeaGate Food Bank Event page.  

According to the SeaGate Food Bank, 100% of proceeds from the No Show No Dinner Gala will support SeaGate Food Bank’s ongoing crusade to eliminate childhood hunger. Your donation will fund not only food distribution but three SeaGate Food Bank programs created to address the unique needs of children—F.I.R.S.T.™, Milk Money for Kids™, and the Eat Right Academy™.

 Here is the link to purchase your tickets: Purchase your tickets today!

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