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Hope for Texas and Toledo | Outpouring of donations for the Lone Star State helping the Glass City, too

Thanks to an outpouring of generous donations, some local nonprofits were also able to receive much needed necessities while still Sending Hope to Texas.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Unloaded pack by pack, donations of water came pouring in.

Your kindness quickly filled an entire truck and Maumee Valley Movers hit the road to Send Hope for Texas.

But the donations didn't stop. 

You filled three more trucks with food, water and cleaning supplies to help people here in northwest Ohio.

Cherry Street Mission has been going through more water bottles than ever before during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Our stockpiles were down to about five pallets, which is about a day and a half's worth," said Nikki Morey with Cherry Street Mission Ministries.

The shelter shut off its drinking fountains as a COVID-19 safety precaution and says the truck full of water literally answered its prayers.

Credit: WTOL 11
WTOL 11 and Maumee Valley Movers are teaming up and Sending Hope to Texas with a supply drive March 1.

"God works in such great, fantastic ways and there's always abundance and we were literally praying for water," Morey said.

Mary Helen Darah is the community outreach coordinator with Sylvania Area Family Services.

Once we packed the truck for Texas, additional cleaning and hygiene products filled another truck to help their mission.

"Hygiene products are not included in any kind of program or assistance and it's very difficult," Darah said.

Both organizations emphasized that there is a constant increased need in our area, so they're happy to see how generous their neighbors have been.

"There's a lot of different levels of need and a lot of people again in this pandemic have never been in this situation where you're furloughed or you're laid off and where's those hygiene products?" Darah said.

Once the full Maumee Valley Movers truck was off to Texas, we asked those who arrived after to donate if they were willing to support those in need locally instead. 

And truly Toledo strong, it was neighbors helping neighbors with the same enthusiasm.

Thank you, Toledo. 

This is what makes the Glass City great.