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OSHP has some reminders for safe driving

Earlier sunsets are now here and that means most of us will be driving more often when it's dark out.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Driving at night -- some drivers are OK with it, some find it challenging. Regardless, most of us have to do it. 

Sgt. Ryan Purpura with Ohio State Highway Patrol said there's another thing you need to be cautious of this time of year: deer.

Experts say first and foremost, your vehicle needs to have working headlights and tail lights.

What if you're driving on the highway and you need to pull over?

Sgt. Purpura explained the first thing you need to do is turn on your hazards and slow down. "After that, you want to try to find a safe location," he said. "Try to find the widest shoulder you can find. If you can make it to an exit ramp, even better."

If you're a driver passing someone on the side of the road, having patience is key.

"During my tenure as a trooper, I've seen it where people have gotten impatient," Sgt. Purpura said. "And obviously in seconds, things change and it can become a very devastating situation very quickly."

He said to have common courtesy for your fellow motorists.

"It's always very disheartening when you do have somebody that gets struck on the side of the road because they're broke down, they're changing their tire, maybe their car was overheating," Sgt. Purpura said. "I think that's where, as motorists, we just need to be patient."

Now that we're heading into the colder months, it's important to remember to make sure your vehicle is prepped and ready to go for the winter.


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