OREGON, Ohio — The Oregon Police Department is working to crack-down on a string of  garage break-ins that started on January 8. 

Marco Tessier who lives on the 2400 block of Brown Road, said the thieves got away with some sentimental items that he will never be able to replace.

He noticed the items missing on the day the break-ins began. 

"Things were just out of place. And obviously the door was open so I knew that was a miss. I never leave it open so that was out of wack there," said Tessier. 

Janet Zale, a detective with Oregon Police said his garage is one of five that were burglarized last week. 

"It's random, usually more around the holidays something like this happens. A little unusual in January," said Zale. 

Several different items were taken from each garage also on Pieper drive, and Ansonia.

"It depends. I mean if you get a tool box thats full of tools, that could be you know several hundred dollars worth of hand tools. And some of the tools could be passed down from generation to generation as they were some stolen. The father, grandfather tools were stolen. So it's necessary the cost, more of the sentimental value," said Zale.

Which is the case for Tessier who's late father had left behind. 

"It was just very disappointing I mean because I know they couldn't have gotten a whole lot for them. And I would have much rather just handed them a blank check then give them things that I can't get again. Especially from someone who meant so much to me," said Tessier. 

Detective Zale is now investigating the items left behind at the scene of the robberies and she has a word to the wise. 

"When we do find the suspect or suspects that are involved in this. You know it is a felony and there is five of them. So lets stop this now," said Tessier. 

Until those responsible are caught, Tessier can only hope he may one day get back the tools his loving father once gave him. 

"I would love to think so, but it's not like my name was on them or anything. So it's gonna be very difficult for me to believe that they would come back. I'd be very thankful to anyone who would return them by all means. But it would surprise me unfortunately," said Tessier. 

Zale said the best way to prevent something like this from happening to you is by installing home cameras, motion lights and by keeping an eye out for neighbors.

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