OREGON (WTOL) - Oregon City Schools said more than 40 cars have passed their stopped school buses this year and now the city is stepping in to help keep students safe.

Electric solar panel signs are placed around the city, reminding you to stop when a school bus tells you to stop.

“The number of cars that pass buses became keenly aware to me that this is a major problem in the city of Oregon as well as across the county,” said Oregon City Schools Superintendent Hal Gregory.

The signs were placed around the city on Monday.

Many local districts are struggling with ways to remind drivers to stop for school buses. This new approach costs no money for the district.

“These signs are very large. The city is at least right now has at least five or six of these large solar panel signs available that we’re placing in strategic locations based on our data and what we know and perceive as the highest problem areas,” said Gregory.

The entire project is a collaboration between Oregon schools and the city. Oregon city officials said it’s important they have a hand in keeping the district safe.

“There’s almost no cost to it. It’s just common sense it’s an easy approach, it’s something any good city and partnership with their school district should take a step at doing,” said Oregon City Administrator Mike Beazley.

Additionally, the city plans to put up permanent signs so they become a permanent reminder for drivers.