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VERIFY: Answering your questions following Gov. DeWine's curfew order

The curfew starts this Thursday at 10p.m. and lasts for 21 days. Many had questions following the order. WTOL found answers.

OHIO, USA — Following Governor Mike DeWine issuing a curfew on Tuesday, several of you quickly began asking many different questions on our social media pages.

A lot of people reacted in a lot of different ways to Ohio's order.

Some say they think it'll help control the spread, while others say it's a violation of their rights.

One comment on WTOL 11 News Facebook page from Richard Wagner says this has to be unconstitutional. Wagner writes, "Why am I to be under house arrest when I have done nothing wrong?"

We found it is within the state's authority to issue a curfew, but there is a bill proposed in the Ohio Senate that would limit the governor's authority to issue health emergency orders.

Diana Williams Roehers asked whether people who work different shifts could get a ticket for being out during these hours. 

"It would not apply to those who need to go to work during those hours or those who need to be out for any kind of emergency purpose," said Gov. Mike DeWine. 

DeWine also said the curfew doesn't apply to emergencies, hospital visits, groceries or takeout.

Many of you are asking who will enforce this order and what happens if you break curfew?

"What agency in their right mind will or can enforce this?" wrote Steve Doak.

The governor's office says health departments and law enforcement enforce it, like previous health orders.

And If someone is charged, he or she could face up to 90 days in jail and a $750 fine for the 2nd degree misdemeanor.

WTOL also spoke with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department and a spokesperson says the specifics of enforcement are still being worked out locally.

Finally, many of you want to know why these hours.

"Wait, so you can only get COVID 10.p.m. to 5 a.m.? Then why the masks?" asked Marquita Linder Woodring. 

The answer for the first question is that you can get COVID-19 at any time of the day.

For the second, health experts and science have shown masks work to help stop the spread and Gov. DeWine explains the curfew is a middle ground between shutting down and letting the virus go unchecked.

"Reduce the number of contacts that you have with somebody else. And then wearing the mask. So if we can all do these things, we will avoid a shutdown," said Gov. DeWine. 

The spokesperson with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department says they are expecting to learn more details either on Wednesday or Thursday.