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Ohio State Highway Patrol urges drivers to use extra caution this winter

The Ohio State Highway Patrol post assisted 28 crashes at just 4:30 p.m. Thursday. One of those a fatal accident and another injuring a trooper of their own.

TOLEDO (WTOL) - A scary day on the roads as we welcomed back winter weather.

“He began exiting his patrol car and at that point he turned around and saw that there was a vehicle losing control,” said Lt. Angel Burgos, Ohio State Highway Patrol Bowling Green Post Commander. “He immediately went back into his patrol car and braced himself and he was struck.”

The Ohio State Highway Patrol post assisted 28 crashes at just 4:30 p.m. Thursday. One of those a fatal accident and another injuring a trooper of their own. Now they are urging drivers to take extra caution and move over.

Not much is left of Trooper Casmir VonSacken’s Ohio State Highway Patrol car after he was hit trying to assist another accident along I-75 near Bowling Green Thursday. That spot saw three accidents in minutes of each other causing three minor injuries.

“We put this mantal on that we’re superheroes and we have to maintain our composure and absolutely, it did affect me because it was one of my own. But it’s also important for me to maintain my composure because there is other individuals looking at me to make sure that we accomplish the mission," he said.

Their mission was accomplished, to care for the victims, work their investigation, clear the scene and work with their partners.

While trooper VonSacken's car is out of commission, his Lieutenant says he is doing fine in addition to the other victims from that scene.

Across Wood County in Perrysburg Township one accident Thursday was fatal.

Tiffany Anderson, just 31 years old, was on I-75 near the Turnpike Overpass when her car lost control. While she was assessing the damage, another car lost control and hit her and then a third car hit both vehicles.

No charges have been filed at this time.

Thursday’s accidents are a major reason Ohio State Highway Patrol is urging you to slow down, be alert and move over.

“Our law enforcement officers have families that they need to go home to and then we have motorist that want to go home to their families,” said Lt. Burgos. “It’s common courtesy. It’s having respect for one another when you’re out there on the road. It’s everyone’s responsibility.”

Highway Patrol says if you are involved in an accident and your able you should find a safe spot to pull over, call 911, put your hazard lights on and sit inside your car. They admit troopers will be increasing their patrolling efforts until the holidays to ensure safe driving. They want to remind you that moving over and slowing down is a law. That’s something some drivers are aware of.

"You appreciate that get over if you’ve got one lane to get over in,” said John Eschedor.

“I think the crews do a really good job," added Ruth Eschedor, of Bowling Green.

While they were busy all-day Thursday, Ohio State Highway Patrol knows it’s only just beginning. They want to make sure you’re safe and are looking out for those you share the road with.