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Ohio State Highway Patrol teams up with ODOT to stop drivers from speeding in work zones

The Ohio Department of Transportation has seen more than 6,500 crashes in work zones.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Construction continues to dominate many major roadways in northwest Ohio, but that's not slowing down drivers or forcing them to be more careful

In fact so far in 2020, the Ohio Department of Transportation has seen more than 6,500 crashes in work zones.

“Even though there have been less people driving throughout 2020, we actually saw crashes and even injuries and fatalities increase,” said Rebecca Dangelo with ODOT district 2.

That's why ODOT and Ohio state Highway patrol are teaming up, to catch speeders from the sky. Troopers can't always follow a driver and pull them over in a construction area. Instead, they're taking to the air to pick up speeders.

“We have a pilot up above and he's looking for a vehicle or something that catches his eye,” said Sgt. Ryan Purpura with OSHP.

Purpura explained how the air team works with troopers on the road.

“He’ll radio to the units on the ground, and we'll be waiting here on the side and when that vehicle passes us as it passes us. Then once he says yes thats the proper vehicle you're behind, we will initate the traffic stop," said Sgt. Purpura.

Projects like the interchange along I-75 near downtown are expected to last for some time. Troopers urge drivers to take notice of the changes.

“Pay attention because things do change, you know today it could be like this and then tomorrow you're coming through and they're changing the lanes because of the project or the concrete they're pouring or whatever it is,” said Sgt. Purpura.

ODOT and the state patrol will post signs along the highway to alert drivers to the increased enforcement efforts.

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