WAUSEON, Ohio — Area farmers are in the final days of harvest season, and needless to say it’s been a trying year with a heavy rain and cold weather in the spring and early summer.  So, how did the crops turn out?  

In Fulton County, it just looks so perfect as the combine cuts through cornstalks, picking the crop of 2019.  Nate Andre is at the wheel, and he’s done this a long time.

The next generation - his son Ross - is driving the tractor beside and collecting the corn. This has not been an easy planting season. They’re usually finished by Halloween, but now they should get their corn picked by early next week.

As it is, Andre Farms planted about half of its 1,500 acres this year with corn and soybean. They were putting their first crops in first week of May and really didn’t wrap things up till mid June.

Once the weather turned around this summer, the crops made up for lost time. Helping this out was the hot sun and rain every few days, which made the corn yields about average. That totaled about 180-200 bushels an acre.  Soybeans, meanwhile, accounted for about 60 bushels an acre.

“I think we’ll be ready to close the books on this year. Everybody was real stressed getting it out there, and everybody came back out and started harvesting," said Ross Andre. "We’ve been getting pretty heavy rain past few days when we started harvesting. Now with the snow they’re calling for and they’re getting a reminder they only have half their crops in. ... Harvest time's when all the money comes in, so people will be ready to move on and try again next year."

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