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List | Ohio 2021 county fair dates announced

Lucas County Fair will be from July 12 to 18, Wood County will be from Aug. 2 to 9 and Fulton County will be Sept. 3-9.
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Want to go to the fair in 2021? Check our list with dates of county fairs happening:

Lucas County Fair: July 12-July 18 

Wood County Fair: Aug. 2-Aug. 9

Ottawa County Fair: July 19-July 25 

Seneca County Fair: July 26-Aug. 1 

Hancock County Fair: Sept. 1-Sept. 6 

Fulton County Fair: Sept. 3-Sept. 9

Henry County Fair: Aug. 12-Aug. 19 

Wyandot County Fair: Sept. 13-Sept. 18

Defiance County Fair: Aug. 21-Aug. 28

Huron County Fair: Aug. 16-Aug. 21

Williams County Fair: Sept. 11-Sept. 18 

Bellville Independent Fair: Sept. 15-Sept.18

Erie County Fair: Aug. 10-Aug. 15

Putnam County Fair: June 21-June 26

Paulding County Fair: June 12-June 19

Sandusky County Fair: Aug. 24-Aug. 29

Pickaway County Fair: June 19-June 26 

Harrison County Fair: June 21-June 26 

Marion County Fair: June 28-July 3 

Clinton County Fair: July 10-July 17 

Lawrence County Fair: July 10-July 17 

Madison County Fair: July 10-July 17 

Adams County Fair: July 11-July 17 

Logan County Fair: July 11-July 17 

Montgomery County Fair: July 11-July 17 

Trumbull County Fair: July 13-July 18 

Jackson County Fair: July 15-July 24 

Crawford County Fair: July 19-July 24 

Fayette County Fair: July 19-July 24 

Perry County Fair: July 19-July 24 

Warren County Fair: July 19-July 24 

Carroll County Fair: July 19-July 25 

Franklin County Fair: July 19-July 25

Clark County Fair: July 23-July 30 

Vinton County Fair: July 24-July 31 

Butler County Fair: July 25-July 31 

Clermont County Fair: July 25-July 31 

Knox County Fair: July 25-July 31 

Shelby County Fair: July 25-July 31 

Union County Fair: July 25-July 31 

Lake County Fair: July 27-Aug.1 

Summit County Fair: July 27-Aug. 1 

Ohio State Fair: July 28-Aug. 8 

Pike County Fair: July 30-Aug. 7 

Preble County Fair: July 31-Aug. 7 

Auglaize County Fair: Aug. 1-Aug. 7 

Gallia County Fair: Aug. 2-Aug. 7 

Greene County Fair: Aug. 2-Aug. 7 

Columbiana County Fair: Aug. 2-Aug. 8 

Medina County Fair: Aug. 2-Aug. 8 

Champaign County Fair: Aug. 6-Aug. 13 

Athens County Fair: Aug. 6-Aug. 14 

Ross County Fair: Aug. 7-Aug. 14 

Hartford Independent Fair: Aug. 8-Aug. 14 

Richland County Fair: Aug. 8-Aug. 14 

Holmes County Fair: Aug. 9-Aug. 14 

Scioto County Fair: Aug. 9-Aug. 14 

Attica Independent Fair: Aug. 10-Aug. 14 

Ashtabula County Fair: Aug. 10-Aug. 15 

Cuyahoga County Fair: Aug. 10-Aug. 15 

Hamilton County Fair: August 12-August 15 

Mercer County Fair: Aug. 13-Aug. 19 

Miami County Fair: Aug. 13-Aug. 19 

Muskingum County Fair: Aug. 15-Aug. 21 

Jefferson County Fair: Aug. 15-Aug. 22 

Meigs County Fair: Aug. 16-Aug. 21 

Allen County Fair: Aug. 20-Aug. 28 

Darke County Fair: Aug. 20-Aug. 28 

Lorain County Fair: Aug. 22-Aug. 29 

Monroe County Fair: Aug. 23-Aug. 28 

Portage County Fair: Aug. 24-Aug. 29 

Noble County Fair: Aug. 29-Sept. 4

Morrow County Fair: Aug. 30-Sept. 6 

Stark County Fair: Aug. 31-Sept. 6 

Van Wert County Fair: Aug. 31-Sept. 6 

Mahoning County Fair: Sept. 1-Sept. 6 

Richwood Independent Fair: Sept. 1-Sept. 6 

Geauga County Fair: Sept. 2-Sept. 6 

Washington County Fair: Sept. 4-Sept. 7 

Highland County Fair: Sept. 5-Sept. 11 

Belmont County Fair: Sept. 6-Sept. 12 

Morgan County Fair: Sept. 7-Sept. 11 

Hardin County Fair: Sept. 7-Sept. 12 

Albany Independent Fair: Sept. 8-Sept. 12 

Wayne County Fair: Sept. 11-Sept. 16 

Hocking County Fair: Sept. 13-Sept. 18 

Guernsey County Fair: Sept. 13-Sept. 19 

Delaware County Fair: Sept. 18-Sept. 25 

Ashland County Fair: Sept. 19-Sept. 25 

Tuscarawas County Fair: Sept. 20-Sept. 26 

Barlow Independent Fair: Sept. 23-Sept. 26 

Brown County Fair: Sept.. 27-Oct. 2 

Coshocton County Fair: Oct. 1-Oct. 7 

Loudonville Independent Fair: Oct. 5-Oct. 9 

Fairfield County Fair: Oct. 10-Oct. 16

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